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OTRr Buffet - The blog that all other OTR blogs wish they were.

The Crazy World of Vic and Sade - Vic and Sade is my favorite program.  If you like Vic and Sade too, you will love this blog.

OTR Advertisements - Thousands of OTR advertisements.  A never-ending job!

Searchable OTR Books Online - If you want to do some reading about OTR and the War years, this is the place to start.

Say Hello To... - Many hard-to-find OTR biographies.

Dummy: Photos of Charlie McCarthy - Photos of the lovable, wooded boy.

OTR Casts - Lots of photos of OTR show casts.  A never-ending job!

OTR Interviews - Breaking down the 1970's audio interview shows

Lum and Abner Dictionary - Those two Pine Ridgers have their own dictionary.

Peabody's Peabrain - Abner Peabody (of Lum and Abner) takes things too literal! (An audio blog.)

Marxisms - Groucho Marx was a comedic genius.

OTR People - Who's-who in old-time radio [A work in-progress.]

Billboard Magazine's OTR Reviews - Billboard magazines review of OTR, beginning in 1942. [A work in-progress]

Golden Age Newspapers - Easily search through papers from the years covering the Golden Age of Radio.