half-growed (haf' growd') short/stubby (numerous episodes)

half-part-time (haf' part' time') - part-time (episode 430714)

handlebars (han dull'  barz') - handle [as in "don't fly off the handlebars"]  (numerous episodes)

happy (happ ee') - happily (as in 'happy ever after') (numerous episodes)

har (har') - hire (numerous episodes)

hard (hard') - hired (episode 441011)

head co-chairman (hed' co chair mun') - fellow in charge of the co-chairmanship (numerous episodes)

hearin (heer' un) - a letter in the mail (example: "I got a hearin from Lum.") (episode 431004)

Heeawathy - Hiawatha (Indian) (episode 440509)

heerd (heerd') - heard (numerous episodes)

heinted (hayn' tud) - haunted (episode 450412)

helt (helt') - held (episode 440113)

hep (hep') - help (episode 350107)

hermit (her' mit) - a hermit [but used as a verb] ie -- Lum went and hermitted himself!

hesh (hesh') - hush (numerous episodes)

hesiltate (hez ul tate') - heitate (episode 350904)

hidey (hie' dee) - hello/hi (numerous episodes)

high-strunger (noun) high strung (episode 380311)

highsteriks (high stair' ikz)  - hysterics (episode 350201)

hike-hitch (hike' hitch') - hitch-hike (episode 431123)

hippuhpotheseez (hipp uh poth' uh seez) - hypothesis (episode 350618

hippodromes (hipp' o droemz) - hippodrome (episode 431117)

hissen (hiz' un) his (numerous episodes)

histastorical (hist uh stor ee cul) - historical (episode 440502) 

holler (hol' ur) - hollow (episode 441205)

holt (holt') - hold (episode 440110)

honester (on ust ur') - most honest (episode 380314)

hongry (hong' ree) - hungry (episode 441122)

hopes (hopes') - hope (episode 350528)

horizontals (hor ee zont' ulz) - horizontal (episode 450412)

hospitals (hos pit' ulz) - hospital (episode 450425)

host of honor - the guest of honor (episode 450315)

hot chills (hot' chilz') - being cold but sweating(?) (episode 431021)

humiliations (hue mil ee ay' shunz) - embarass (numerous episodes)

humilinations  (hue mil ee nay' shunz) - embarass (episode 440621)

humilified (hue mil' ee fyed) - humilated (episode 441211)

humilifyin (hu mil ee fy' un) - humilifying (episode 441211)

humility (hue mil' ee tee) - humidity (numerous episodes)

huming (hue' ming) - human (numerous episodes)

hunggree (hung' ree) - hungry (Abner spells it) (episode 441205)

hunggree strike - hunger strike (episode 441205)

hydrauls (hy' drawlz) - The things that hyraulic testers conduct tests on (episode 450315)

hyestericals (hye stair' ee kulz) - hysterical (episode 440106)