eavesdrap  (eves drapp') - eavesdrop (episode 440725)

eavesdrappin (eves drapp' un) - eavesdropping (episode 440110)

eccentrical (ex' sen tri cul) - eccentric (episode 440118)

edentify (ee den' tih fie) - identify (episode 441025)

educate (ed yew' kate) - education (episode 441003)

efficient (ee fish' unt) - efficient (episode 450101)

egantistical (ee gun tist' uh cul) - egotistical  (see also egotisticals) (episode 440501)

eggsaggerate (eggs agg' er ate) - exaggerate (numerous episodes)

eggsample (eggs' am pul) - example (numerous episodes)

eggzibbit (eggs zib it') - an exhibit (object) in court (episode 450611)

egotisticals (ee go tist' uh culz) - egotistical  (see also egntistical) (episode 441004)

elecatric (elec a trik') - electric (numerous episodes)

elecatrical (elec a trik' ull) - electrical (numerous episodes)

elecatricity (elec a tris' it ee) - electricity (numerous episodes)

electrocution (ee lec tro kew' shun) - elocution (episode 441228)

Emanuel (ee man you el) - manual (as in 'labor') (episode 440311)

empire (em' pire) - umpire (episode 350701)

enadowment (en a dow' mint) - endowment (episode 430818)

enchiladee (en chuh law' dee) - enchilada (they grow in Mexico, along with somebreros!) (episode 440727)

encyclonepedia (en cy clone pee' dee uh) - encyclopedia (episode 450320)

English (eng' lish) - England (episode 380606)

ernin (ern' un) - ironing (episode 441002)

err (er') - are (numerous episodes)

errest (ee rest') - arrest (numerous episodes)

errns (ernz') - ones (example: my woman takes care of the little ernz) (numerous episodes)

et (et') - ate (episode 440313)

etten (ett en') - eaten (episode 440313)

ettersetter (et' ur   set' ur) - etcetera (episode 440201)

etiquit (ett ee kwit) - etiquette (episode 441011)

euclairs (you' clairz) - eclairs (episode 440503)

eventual (ee vent' twul) - eventually (episode 440106)

ever (ever') - every (numerous episodes)

exaggerate (ex agg' ur ate) - exaggerate (episode 440523)

expounding (ex pound' in) - responding (episode 350813)

extinguished (ex ting' wished) - distinguished (episode 440203)

extry (ek' stree) - extra (numerous episodes)